Algo Trading

Online trading has developed drastically in the recent years which resulted in the emergence of more and different opportunities in the finance industry. Both traders and companies are always in search of original and inventive solutions resulting in enhancing the trading conditions, execution speed and the return. We at ECNpremium, after close cooperation between our financial analysis and tech departments, have developed fully automated asset management solution on MT5 for all our clients.

The core of this automated service is based on using specific parameters to pre-set a strategy which is then applied to a technical configuration used by a special algorithm. This expert tool manages the FX investments of your portfolio – underpinned by low leverage and complex mathematical algorithms, it creates Buy/Sell orders. This expert solution may be applied to any client who wants to diversify their portfolio and take advantage of our tech developments and know-how for increasing of returns.

This Automated expert functions with an algorithm that uses a technical configuration by applying a strategy predefined based on specific parameters. This tool invests your portfolio in the FX market by creating Buy/Sell orders, whilst using low leverage and complex mathematical algorithms. This solution is addressed to all types of clients looking for diversification of their portfolio by using our contribution and technological know-how to enhance their profit.

Benefits of ECNpremium Algo:

·Efficient mathematical algorithms

·Significant Risk-reward ratio

·Attractive returns on investment

·Dedicated risk management team

·Segregated Funds (Barclays)

·Specially trained Customer Service

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