CFD Trading

What are CFDs?

A CFD (Contract for Difference) is an agreement concluded between a buyer and a seller, which aims to guarantee that any difference between an asset’s value at the time of the agreement and afterwards will be covered by the seller. Recently, CFDs have gained an increasing popularity in the trading sector.

We at ECNpremium have developed a number of CFD contracts tailored to the specific needs of different traders.

The mechanism of action of CFDs allows for the investors to use them during short-term volatility periods as a means for portfolio hedging. For example, when you work with a long-term portfolio, your investments are subject to short-term profit risk, and you can lower that risk by hedging using CFDs.

As a result, you can protect yourself from drastic losses by balancing the portfolio value decrease with the profit from the CFD contracts.

CFDs trading has many advantages. Some of them are:

Dual application – work for long as well as short-term positions.

Due to their mechanism of action, they give you the ability to trade in both price directions – up and down.

Possibility for profit on both bull and bear markets by respectively buying and selling.

CFD contracts have low attractive levels of margin requirements.

A guarantee for quick and effective operation due to the immediate execution inherent to CFDs.

Why trade CFDs with ECNpremium?

The multiple platforms for trading offered by ECNpremium make trading easily accessible from any device, including through applications such as Web Trader, MetaTrader 5 and Mobile trader.

Become a CFD expert by keeping up with all market news on your CFDs development and the latest tips and strategies on CFD trading.

Trade the following CFDs with ECNpremium

Gold (spot)

Crude oil (spot)

S&P 500, Dow Jones 30, USTECH100 (NASDAQ)

Silver (spot)

Brent crude oil (spot)


Natural Gas

CAC 40, EUROPE50 (Eurostoxx), FTSE100



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