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Money Manager offered by ECNpremium is the right thing to enhance your trading experience

If you want to offer your clients a fully customizable trading accounts with simple management system fir your clients, then look no further. Money Manager by ECNpremium is the right tool to help you have it all and bring satisfaction to your clients.

ECNpremium’s Money Manager in brief

Money Manager brings together so many things – from flexible allocations and trading conditions, competitive pricing to the convenience of automatic commission calculation – everything you need to ensure stress-free and simple trading experience to your clients.

Are the trading conditions subject to customization?

The ECNpremium’s Money Manager offers fully customizable conditions, and that is not everything – you can customize them even in all your MAM/PAMM trading accounts. The Manager is designed to provide competitive pricing, together with access to exclusive margins which is beneficial to you and your clients. There is also the option of a no-mark-up account with focus on fees and profitability within the MAM/PAMM. Everything in the Money Manager is customizable – you can adjust performance fees, leverage, currency, margins to perfectly fit your goals.

And the automatic commission calculation?

All commissions are linked to genuine live account and crediting is executed in real time. There is also the option for specifically timed fee calculation. Money Manager does not make compromise with safety – in order to access the fees for deduction you’ll need a limited power of attorney for a specific time-limit. At the same time, with the right credential use remains simple through the MAM manager.

Is adding and removing funds going to influence trading activity?

There cannot be 100% guarantee that the trading activity will remain completely unaffected, but it is generally safe to move funds without worrying that this would have effect on trading. If it does come to that however, we have experienced support team to handle the situation and come up with a solution beneficial to everyone concerned.

What is the offered product range?

ECNpremium’s Money Manager provides full access to our vast range of products. The adaptability of the platform allows you to stay in line with your values when setting fees, control your commission, provide your clients with, simplified procedure for deposits and withdrawals better transparency and improved access to trading solutions and at the same time protect your strategy. All of this is topped with premium access to exclusive analytics for the enhancement of both your and your clients trading experience.

If everything said so far has you convinced that ECNpremium’s Money Manager is the right product for you, click here and start a new trading era.

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