IB Program

Expand Your Business with ECNpremium!

Who are We?

We have more than 15 years of experience in Forex & CFDs trade

Our expertise includes wide selection of different educational and training possibilities

We have established positions in all leading financial markets worldwide

Can you join our IB family?

Are you provider of education in the field of trading?

Are you a signals provider?

Do you have value-added service to offer traders?

Do you have a network that includes potential customers?

Best Payouts

ECNpremium offers the most competitive payment to its Introducing Brokers compared to all major FX companies in the sector.

Reliable monthly payments

ECNpremium has built a bidirectional network with its IBs – since it depends mainly to the IBs for the majority of its turnover, it has made sure that all payments to IBs are made timely and in full.

Exclusive Key Features

Copykat Trader
Guardian Angel
Webinars in YOUR Language

IB’s #1 Broker

Developed a worldwide IB network

The no.1 choice of IBs. We are your people!

Helping you to financially secure your future!

Other ECNpremium Partnership Programs

Introducing Brokers

ECNpremium is committed to provides everything needed to develop your IB’s business. We offer value, tailored approach and all the support you might need to expand your business.


We have the perfect affiliate program for you if you’re dealing with sending online traffic. It provides you with a dedicated account manager and various media tools to help you grow your profit potential.

Money Managers

Money and Fund Managers plus EA Developers can offer their services using CM Trading’s money management tools

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