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We are offering you an opportunity to develop successful business for you and your customers by partnering with us. The affiliate program we have developed, one of the most successful affiliate networks in the online marketing industry, gives you the chance to profit from your traffic.

It is not widely known affiliate marketing is indeed one of the oldest developed forms of marketing.

It can be approached by either:
Offer an affiliate program to others
Sign up to be another business's affiliate

What is affiliate marketing?

Creating networks with with other companies may be beneficial for you in more than one way - it can help you make a profit and at the same time be useful for promoting third parties’ companies or products. In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based method of marketing where affiliates are rewarded by a business rewards based on the number of customers or visitors attracted due marketing endeavours of the affiliate.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Many affiliates apply usual marketing methods which is why affiliate marketing is somewhat overlapping with them. The core of affiliate marketing is promoting relationships and the most important tool you have is the affiliate program – it helps you increase the traffic levels towards your website or your business. Starting there, you make the decision how there is a degree of overlap with affiliate marketing and other marketing methods out there, due to the fact that affiliates often use regular advertising methods. The importance of fostering relationships is the heart of affiliate marketing, and the affiliate program is only a means of bringing traffic to your website or business; it is you who decide and manage the transformation of traffic to conversions. Speaking of that, we at ECNpremium have the perfect offer for you if you’re interested in affiliate program related to Forex trading signals!

Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Indeed, it does. First, you need to start by connecting with affiliates acquainted with the market you operate on, and keep up with your company mission and goals. And it is not an endeavour only for large businesses. We at ECNpremium have developed affiliate program built on the best possible conditions which is a prerequisite for effective and successful partnerships with both large and small businesses.

Finally, do not exclude affiliate marketing from the development plans for your business. Dedicate to finding the right content and partners and combine them with successfully managed affiliate program. This way you’ll make the realization of your company mission and goals more than achievable!

What are the benefits of this Affiliates Program?

We have one of the best affiliate programs you’ll find out there and we have cooperated with our partners to make sure that we are offering efficient methods for increasing traffic to utilise it to cumulate actual deposits. The compensation system is Cost per Action (CPA) and applies to all members of the program, meaning they receive payments for each new customer they have brought to!

Why ECNpremium?

It’s simple – ECNpremium is the largest Forex broker in South Africa, which allows to extend our program and be a global player. This in turn helps us make our brand stronger with each day.

Having strong and recognizable brand, together with the trustworthiness we are known for in the Forex trading industry enables us to offer an affiliate program with much higher conversion rate and faster profit for our affiliates.

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